St. Mary
Untitled engraving [garden enclosed]
Untitled engraving [fountain of grace] A. Saintin
Mother Incorruptible
My flowers are the fruit of glory. 
She is a garden enclosed and a fountain sealed.
~ Canticles 4:12
J.P. Camus   Bertin a Paris
collage - hand colored and hand made -  circa mid 19th cent.
She is the joy of the just and the hope of sinners.  Bouasse Lebel 806
Mother of the Angels
Virgin most pure, pray for us. Regnault

I have chosen Him!
The Lord is my portion.
Bouasse Lebel 784
Mary Model of Purity and Humility Bouasse Lebel 582 Fils aine ed. (eldest son)

Oh, how beautiful is Mary!
Her heart is the temple of the Holy Spirit
Bouasse Lebel 673
All her beauty is interior.
To listen to Him, to imitate Him... to love Him; this is the secret of my happiness.
Painted by Lebrun after Abbot Olier. Engraved by Larichardiere

Saint Mary